May 17, 2007

PayPal Bug ?? No International Payments Accepted!!

PayPal is
supposed to be Worldwide. PayPal is supposed to support 16 currencies. PayPal is supposed to provide service to 190 countries. Actually, let's take a quick peek at what their ad says on the PayPal Homepage. I quote :

PayPal Offerings Worldwide

"Use PayPal to send and receive money worldwide. With over 100 million accounts worldwide and growing, we help you securely, easily and quickly pay and get paid locally and across borders. "

That IS what it says, right ???

Then why are suddenly no payments available to overseas users? Why is it that the money suddenly can't be transferred to a foreign account?

Let me explain. One of my good contacts overseas explained his problem to me this week. Until now, when money was transfered into my friend's PayPal account, all he had to do was click on 'I accept', and that money was confirmed to be sent to his PayPal account. Since May 12, every time he clicks on 'I accept', a new box opens asking for his bank account number. In the US only.

The only problem is that my friend is a foreign resident and
doesn't have a US bank account. What now? Who is entitled to the money remaining in his PayPal account?

issues, issues, issues, Issues, Issues, Issues, ISSUES !!!!

According to a PayPal operator, this issue has been going on for about a week ...


1clickREADY thinks that someone must have slipped a little 'bug' into the system


someone figured out that money due for payment to 190 countries can make a heck of alot of interest in a week's time.

Did someone change the PayPal policy and neglect to tell the Worldwide community of PayPal users.

I dunno, you decide. Let us hope that PayPal is close to making a decision now too!



Karen said...

I live in the Philippines and since a lot of us who have access to the net want to purchase stuff online. A group submitted a petition to Paypal to include our country. Paypal finally accepted but we can't access everything. We can only send out money. We can't use Paypal if we want to sell stuff online.

Anonymous said...

I tried signing up for a game called second life, and I had to use pay pal in order to identify myself through my creditcard.
Though, I live in sweden and everytime I click accept it changes to the US, so I can't play the game...