May 17, 2007

PayPal Bug ?? No International Payments Accepted!!

PayPal is
supposed to be Worldwide. PayPal is supposed to support 16 currencies. PayPal is supposed to provide service to 190 countries. Actually, let's take a quick peek at what their ad says on the PayPal Homepage. I quote :

PayPal Offerings Worldwide

"Use PayPal to send and receive money worldwide. With over 100 million accounts worldwide and growing, we help you securely, easily and quickly pay and get paid locally and across borders. "

That IS what it says, right ???

Then why are suddenly no payments available to overseas users? Why is it that the money suddenly can't be transferred to a foreign account?

Let me explain. One of my good contacts overseas explained his problem to me this week. Until now, when money was transfered into my friend's PayPal account, all he had to do was click on 'I accept', and that money was confirmed to be sent to his PayPal account. Since May 12, every time he clicks on 'I accept', a new box opens asking for his bank account number. In the US only.

The only problem is that my friend is a foreign resident and
doesn't have a US bank account. What now? Who is entitled to the money remaining in his PayPal account?

issues, issues, issues, Issues, Issues, Issues, ISSUES !!!!

According to a PayPal operator, this issue has been going on for about a week ...


1clickREADY thinks that someone must have slipped a little 'bug' into the system


someone figured out that money due for payment to 190 countries can make a heck of alot of interest in a week's time.

Did someone change the PayPal policy and neglect to tell the Worldwide community of PayPal users.

I dunno, you decide. Let us hope that PayPal is close to making a decision now too!


May 10, 2007


Are you interested in getting into social networking but you don't know where to start? Maybe you have been spending day after day on one of of your favorite book marking sites and wonder if it is the best, or is maybe there is something else right around the corner that might be just a little bit better. I can understand your feelings... I mean EVERYONE wants to be the best, and hang out with the COOLEST people. Don't they?

Well, there are competitions for that sort of thing, so we know what others have to think. We don't have to take their word as fact, but it is nice to sit up and take notice of what someone else has to say about stuff. Anyway...

There has been a competition called Web 2.0 Awards, and the judges have picked some winners.
Wanna know who won? Ahh... so you are interested. Follow me.


1st place .......digg
2nd place .....reddit
3rd place ......newsvine


1st place ......magnolia
2nd place ....furl
3rd place .....clipmarks


1st place .......Technorati
2nd place .....Bloglines
3rd place ..... Findory


1st place ......FeedBurner
2nd place .....attensa
3rd place .....blogbridge


1st place ......facebook
2nd place .....mingle
3rd place .....imbee

Wasn't that fun? Ok maybe your favorite didn't win. Maybe you thought, those judges did their homework. Well let's hope that they did, but either way, it is always nice to get a second impression. If you would like to get a closer look at the results as well as an additional listing of all of the honorable mention winners, go take a look at the full list of winners and runners-up from the Web 2.0 Awards.

To all of the winners, keep up the good work. To all of the losers, better luck next year.


May 9, 2007

Would U Marry a TWITTER user?


Someone recently told me that he would never marry a woman that was a Twitter user. I thought that it was a funny statement so I asked him what he meant by it. He told that any woman that was constantly making updates about "where they are now" or "what they are doing now", was slightly suspicious in his eyes. He said that it wasn't natural to leave a trail behind you so that people (he obviously was referring to other men in this case) would be able to track you down and find you wherever you are. He was suspicious... I asked another man what he thought about Twitter users as marriage prospects. He said great, I think that it may be exactly what I am looking for. Meaning?? Meaning that "I wouldn't marry a woman that wasn't a TWITTER user." I asked him why not and he said, "that way I will know where she is all the time and I know what she is doing". I won't have to track her down constantly and I can know if she is spending too much time being traced by her "friends" all the time. OK, to tell you the truth I hadn't thought about it that way either. I actually hadn't thought about the idea at all. What does it say about a person when they are a TWITTER user? Does it mean that they are naturally friendly and want to tell people (and strangers) what they are doing and where they are going ALL THE TIME??? I still thought that it was a funny concept, so I decided to take it to the streets.

One blogger says that Twitter is the first thing on the web that he's been excited about recently. He likes the 'retro' aspect of the blog era 2000. Another blogger is much less impressed and thinks that we are paying a price for all of this updating. Everything is on the surface and you don't get any depth. Users are in continuous partial attention in an massive effort NOT TO MISS ANYTHING. Twitter Fan Wiki says that " Twitter a way of life. It's living with a publicity policy. It's friends, Romans and country people the world over engaged in timely snippet conversations that fit into 140 character chunks". OK.....

As I learned, there isn't a heck of alot that you can SAY in 140 word chunks. You can say "Hi, I am on the way to the supermarket, I will be back later. Leave me a note and tell me what you are doing and where you are" OK that was quick ... and I still have 16 characters left. I don't know what is so great about it but it is out there online.

The question remains. "Would a "Twitterist" who is constantly updating acquaintances with 140 word character chunks about where they are and what they are doing all the time be a good prospect for marriage.?!

Idunno. I jes dunno...


May 2, 2007

Digger Wheels In Motion

Yesterday, I started feeling very curious. As I sat thinking about the blog I had written about Mr.BabyMan, I wondered to myself if I could find out any more information on the man himself. That put the wheels in motion. I found a recent video on YouTube that included a short interview and a few shots of the BabyMan around the house with his child. I decided to post it here so everyone who hasn't yet seen it could get a chance to see it for themselves.

After a little more searching I ran across an interesting list that identifies the 100 most popular diggers of all time. This list is no longer on the digger site after some groups accused some of the top users of manipulating digg, but it is a very compelling web page either way. I know, I know, Mr.BabyMan is actually in the #2 position and his popular stories ratio is only 20%, but I like his style. His articles are all over digg (usually spending most of their time on the digg homepage) and for me at least, his presence is somehow reassuring. An immortal walking among us. By the way, have you seen the newest digger tool?
This is used to see who's digging you, or to find out just who is digging who. It is definitely worth it to enter a few names into this tool to learn about the digger universe. Enjoy it.

Digg on Brethren,

Mr. Baby Man, Mr. Baby Man ; Wherefore arte thou Mr. Baby Man ?

Once upon a time in a land called Digg, lived a wise and powerful king who could do no wrong. He ruled over the people of Digg with authority and was known and well respected by diggers throughout the land. Although he was occasionally challenged by knights of the digger court for the right to sit on the throne, no one could come close to defeating the incredible invincibility and strength of the ruling king Mr. Baby Man.
What can be said about a king who can do no wrong? The ground that he walks upon is covered with sweet smelling flowers and the birds sing along the path as he travels the castle grounds. No one knows just how the king does it, but the truth flows from his pen as he turns plain and ordinary words into the most valuable digger resource in the kingdom. Diggs. Thousands and thousands of diggs, that rare delicacy that is the envy of every digger. No one can make a digg hit the front page faster than Mr. Baby Man, and no one can hit the front page harder in his infamous style than the one and only mighty ruler of the entire digger universe...

Could an ordinary individual take an item called 'Pi Played on the Piano' and turn it into 2395 votes?
Does an article called 'Top 10 Cheesiest Moments' rank 1541 diggs for no reason?

We are speaking of one who walks among us, yet has powers and talents so far beyond the scope of our meager existences that it is almost unfair to compare. Almost.

It is time to take a look to the future brethren and realize something. If you can't beat em', join em'. I now live my life just to follow the king walk down the corridors of the castle, I go where he goes, and I do what he does. I have started to follow him as he heads out of the palace doors and journeys through the wilderness. I follow his footsteps and I watch his movements. I will become one with his spirit, I will become one with his soul. I will digg him forever and forever.

I am 1clickREADY and I face my king and bow reverently.

There is no one like the king Mr.Baby Man.
Long live the king, long live the king!!!

May 1, 2007


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