May 2, 2007

Mr. Baby Man, Mr. Baby Man ; Wherefore arte thou Mr. Baby Man ?

Once upon a time in a land called Digg, lived a wise and powerful king who could do no wrong. He ruled over the people of Digg with authority and was known and well respected by diggers throughout the land. Although he was occasionally challenged by knights of the digger court for the right to sit on the throne, no one could come close to defeating the incredible invincibility and strength of the ruling king Mr. Baby Man.
What can be said about a king who can do no wrong? The ground that he walks upon is covered with sweet smelling flowers and the birds sing along the path as he travels the castle grounds. No one knows just how the king does it, but the truth flows from his pen as he turns plain and ordinary words into the most valuable digger resource in the kingdom. Diggs. Thousands and thousands of diggs, that rare delicacy that is the envy of every digger. No one can make a digg hit the front page faster than Mr. Baby Man, and no one can hit the front page harder in his infamous style than the one and only mighty ruler of the entire digger universe...

Could an ordinary individual take an item called 'Pi Played on the Piano' and turn it into 2395 votes?
Does an article called 'Top 10 Cheesiest Moments' rank 1541 diggs for no reason?

We are speaking of one who walks among us, yet has powers and talents so far beyond the scope of our meager existences that it is almost unfair to compare. Almost.

It is time to take a look to the future brethren and realize something. If you can't beat em', join em'. I now live my life just to follow the king walk down the corridors of the castle, I go where he goes, and I do what he does. I have started to follow him as he heads out of the palace doors and journeys through the wilderness. I follow his footsteps and I watch his movements. I will become one with his spirit, I will become one with his soul. I will digg him forever and forever.

I am 1clickREADY and I face my king and bow reverently.

There is no one like the king Mr.Baby Man.
Long live the king, long live the king!!!


Mr. BabyMan said...

Holy crap! I just saw this. Needless to say I'm flattered.

Fondea said...

This is great info to know.