May 2, 2007

Digger Wheels In Motion

Yesterday, I started feeling very curious. As I sat thinking about the blog I had written about Mr.BabyMan, I wondered to myself if I could find out any more information on the man himself. That put the wheels in motion. I found a recent video on YouTube that included a short interview and a few shots of the BabyMan around the house with his child. I decided to post it here so everyone who hasn't yet seen it could get a chance to see it for themselves.

After a little more searching I ran across an interesting list that identifies the 100 most popular diggers of all time. This list is no longer on the digger site after some groups accused some of the top users of manipulating digg, but it is a very compelling web page either way. I know, I know, Mr.BabyMan is actually in the #2 position and his popular stories ratio is only 20%, but I like his style. His articles are all over digg (usually spending most of their time on the digg homepage) and for me at least, his presence is somehow reassuring. An immortal walking among us. By the way, have you seen the newest digger tool?
This is used to see who's digging you, or to find out just who is digging who. It is definitely worth it to enter a few names into this tool to learn about the digger universe. Enjoy it.

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